Are you Successful or SuccessFool? 9 Questions To See If You’re A Fool

Many people run through their day being busy and trying to do everything but sometimes you have to ask are they successful or successfool? They fool themselves into believing they are productive because they are busy. Sometimes they fool others into thinking they are busy. Either way they aren’t being as successful as they can be.

What is a Fool?

A fool is someone whose outward presentation isn’t reality.
I know calling someone a fool is dangerous and I certainly don’t mean to demean people. This is just a way to highlight areas where we are not acting in our long term interests. Sometimes we fool ourselves.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself to see if you’re acting like a fool.

Are you Fooling Yourself?

  • Do you read every productivity article out there but don’t implement them?
  • Do you rush at the end of the day (or project) to accomplish your goals because you didn’t give a better effort earlier?
  • Do you really need to do what you’re doing?
  • Did you waste time doing a fun job that was unnecessary?
  • Do you snooze your alarm clock and go back to sleep?
  • Are you doing your subordinates work because you think you can do it better?

Are you trying to fool others?

  • Do you just generate a large stack of output from your task, but most of it doesn’t help achieve the goal?
  • Do you use big words when simple words would do?
  • Do you make exaggerated responses when people are around to highlight your hard work?

If you answered yes to the above questions think about ways to stop acting like a fool. Check in shortly for some suggestions.

Do you have other “fool” questions or scenarios?

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