Where Has All The Quality Gone? And how you can take advantage of it

A waitress takes the order, delivers a few items and disappears for an hour while a group waits at the table with hungry kids.

A handyman installs a bathroom mirror so high that only a 6 foot 2 person (which he was) can see his face.

A programmer makes the same mistake again and again and doesn’t do rudimentary testing before showing it to his boss.

A customer buys a piece of furniture that needs to be touched up.  A month later the customer doesn’t hear back on it. A message is left and finally returned. The saleswoman says “Call me back on Monday to make sure I remember about this.” Since when are customers reminder services?

Unfortunately all these are real stories. Worse still there are many more worse ones.

The lesson: Commit to quality.

You’ll see the more you commit to doing everything with quality the better you’ll get.

The Upside

Word Spreads. People do say nice things, not just negative. This can lead to referrals.

No reworks. By doing it right the first time it saves time on fixing it later.

The Downside

The downside is that as you look around and see people neglecting quality you’ll get more annoyed. You may also become people’s reminder service. People will rely on your perfect quality even when you aren’t. Quality can take time. That’s why it’s important to set up a system.

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