Priority Game

Setting the right priorities are important so you acheive what’s important on time. The following game will evaluate how good your prioritization skills are and it will help you improve it.

Priority Game

Scenario: You come in one morning and see the following requests waiting in your inbox/to do list.

To Do: Number these tasks 1 to 10 representing the order they should be done.

A) Account Management has sent a customer request to produce a large report.

F) Five day project due in one month

C) Customer requests a confirmation that you received a file.

D) Manager requests you send person P a demo link again- they say they didn’t receive it yet.


H) Ask your helpdesk to give you access to a system. You don’t know when you’ll need access- probably not in the next few days.

L) Manager requests a list of your accomplishments for last year (for the year end review). Due in 1 week.

O) One day project due in one month

T) Important project received today. Due tomorrow.

U) Finish project Due Today. Need all day.

Y) Follow up on file not received, supposed to come yesterday.

Priority Game Summary

Answer Key

1. C

2. A (to ask account managment when this is needed for)

3. D

4. H

5. Y

6. L (just brainstorm/jot down ideas)

7. U (It needs to get done today)

8. T


10. F


Here’s some of the lessons learned:

· Quick tasks go first (A, C, D, H, Y)

· Customer Tasks go first. (A, C)

· Seek to get project scope/deadline early on (A)

· Give yourself time to be creative (L)

· Small Projects go before big projects (O, F)

· Be mindful of queues and their timelines (N)

In general:

· If you do something often seek to eliminate, automate or delegate

· Your manager may be able to help pushback if unrealistic deadlines are required.

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