Success Blue Print

Below is your recipe for success. You can take any project big or small and follow it through the following steps and achieve success. Start on a current project and work through these steps- you’ll see how much clearer you plan will become and crystallize the steps to get there. As you get more comfortable using this road map be ambitious and take your life goals- and start the process- you’ll be amazed at your progress.


Some of these items wont be self-explanatory the first time you look at it. I’ll be adding links to explain them. Then you can come back and fly through them.



  • Before=Goal
    • Dream
      • Verbalize
      • Be Positive
      • Commit
    • SMART Goals
    • Plan
      • Solve the problem
        • Find the source
        • What do they want
        • what will make it easier for them to use your results
        • start small- 80/20 rule- layering
      • Outline
      • Think different
      • Use the Success Principles
  • During= Use the principles
  • After= Review
    • Dashboard
      • Accomplishments
      • Next Actions
      • Projects
    • Bigger Picture
      • 4 quadrants (game)
  • Do

    • Prepare
      • Day
      • Meetings
      • Perpare for flow
    • Passion
      • Enjoy
      • keep going. Seinfeld habit
    • Process
      • Delete it
      • File it- (reference) set up filters, unsubscribe
      • Delegate it
      • Do it- 2 minutes
      • Task it- next action
    • Prioritize (see game)
      • MITs- most important tasks
      • Context
    • Preview= weekly review
    • Perfect
      • QA
      • 80/20 rule


    • Do more of what you like, do less of what you don’t like
    • Refresh, rejuvenate- Do something you enjoy
    • Eliminate stress

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