Success Principles

As people hear more about the machine they ask: Why are we creating a machine? Why not just follow a few rules and be more productive? The answer is a machine simplifies the processes and makes success self-perpetuating. Using the Machine Principles helps you realize your hard work can have huge long term ramifications that can drastically change your life for the better.


Start simple. No need for complex plans when there’s a simple way to get started. Start with small steps and build on it. Keep adding layers of success until you’re done.

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When there is a system to your actions it makes it much easier to succeed. Think about a recipe- it tells you exactly what you need to do. For projects that you create look into making it systematic. It takes away complexity and limits the risk of problems.

With the Success Blueprint you’ll always know what you’re supposed to be doing and what needs to be done next. It’s a formula that helps you succeed. Your machine works for you invisibly even as you aren’t actively working on it.


Your machine invests your actions wisely. Use compounding to make your one action help you numerous times in the future.

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Your machine doesn’t waste extra effort. There’s enough complexity in life. Just keep it simple- clear the clutter from your mind, workspace and life.

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Do it right

Just solve problems. No cheating. Do it right- the first time.

Maximize Outcome from Your Inputs

You have 3 main imputs you can put into achieving success: Time, Energy & Resources. Don’t waste them.


Set up your time and environment to minimize distractions allowing you to get more work done. When you are in the zone (also referred to as “in the flow”) your concentration increases and your output increases with it.

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Calculated Risks

Take calculated risks. Sometime you need to take a chance to get further faster. But don’t just take a risk without evaluation. Think about ways to minimize the risk and maximize the rewards. Evaluate if it’s worth it.

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Efficiency (ATE)

Eliminate (Decide,Combine- don’t multi task, Simplify- Minimize, Batch it), Delegate (SMART goals good for delegation, Insource, Outsource) or Automate (Automatic Process, Habits(Routine) your projects to achieve them fast and better.

Home (capture)
Capture the tasks and projects that you need to do. Make sure everything is where it should be putting you in position to succeed.

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