In Search of a Teammate

Isn’t it crazy that we spend about half our day with people but we don’t get to choose them? This article is your chance to find out a little about what working on our team will be like. 

The ideal teammate has good character, smarts, and initiative. We try not to get bogged down if a teammate shows up a little late sometimes or wants to leave early to go to their child’s game. Someone with good character would be courteous, communicate and not let it impact their work.

We try to add small twists to the mundane. When you’re asked if you have read this article, just tell us your favorite candy. Why do we care about your favorite treat? Because it’s the little things that make a work environment more interesting. If your favorite treat is waiting for you on your first day, that will get us started on the right foot.

We believe process and proper design are important. Henry Ford didn’t necessarily invent the best car- he invented the best process: the assembly line. Let’s work together to create the best plan to achieve the best results with the least effort.

We strive to create a culture of learning and hope that working together will be fulfilling. Lesson one: the secret to good communication is to get to the point and move on- Brevity.

Let’s make an impact! Join the team:

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