Labor Day Resolutions I: Making the Most of your Career

New Years Day i.e. January 1st is a time for physical reflection- many people make resolutions to work on their weight etc. With Labor Day here, it’s time to reflect on our careers.

With summer vacation/relaxation over, now is the time to determine how to take your career to the next level. You should think about how to achieve the most at your current position or decide if it’s time to move on.

Action Steps to achieve the most at your current position

  • Look back at your last review to see what to work on.
  • Inventory all that you’ve accomplished recently and try to finish up any lose ends.
  • Take some initiative, so you can begin building major accomplishments for your year end review.
  • Make sure your accomplishments are known. Be sure that your boss etc know what you’ve accomplished without showing off. Look to your praise list for some of your accomplishments.

Enjoy your Labor Day! In Labor Day Resolutions II (coming this week), you can read how to best position yourself for a new job.

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