Optimistic Realist or Realistic Optimist: Which is Better?

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OptimistPreviously I asked Realist or Optimist: Which is better? Those of you who know me know that if I have an either/or choice I’ll usually pick both- why limit yourself. So it’s better to be both a realist and optimist. So should you be a realistic optimist or an optimistic realist?

To me the answer is clear- a realistic optimist. why? because to succeed you want to be optimistic, you want to go as far as possible. The realism only adds a little of reality to make sure you are a little grounded. Why shouldn’t you be an “optimistic realist”? Because then your base is realism, which limits you. It’s not a bad way to go but the other way you can gain that extra edge.

Is this all symantics? Maybe. But the point is that you should try to be an optimist but don’t go overboard.

photo credit: Kevin

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