More Of The Best Diet: Control Your Food

Recently I’ve been telling you about The “Best Diet” where you can eat what you love and lose weight. I even told you how you can eat more and lose weight. Today I’ll tell you a fundamental way to diet without real sacrifice- eat less.   With the techniques below you will not feel hungry or deprived at any point.

The problem: in today’s super-sized world it’s easy  to keep eating (especially because of the productivity curse) as we get bigger portions and food is everywhere (meetings, occassion etc). What I’m suggesting is eat just a little bit less of what you don’t need. I’m not saying you need to starve yourself. Just cut back a little at a time and before you know it you need less to be satisfied.

Stop and Think

Sometimes people eat just because the food is there. Stop yourself. Think am I full? Then turn your attention to something else besides food.

Take a Drink

Sometimes when you think you’re hungry when your thirsty. Take a drink (plain water is best) and then reevaluate.

Take a Break

It takes a few minutes for you brain to realize that you’re full. Take a break and come back. If you’re still hungry eat.

Take Less in Your Plate

We’re all achievers- we want to finish what we start. If you take less in your plate you wont feel like you have to finish it. You may also realize that you don’t want as much as you think.

Think Of The Money You’ll Save

For some people financial incentives help them succeed. There’s a potentially large one here- the less you need to eat the less you pay for food. This is especially true in restaurants where food is expensive.

Split The Meal

If you get a super-sized meal split it with a friend or family member. Or just take a doggy back and save it for the next day.

Only Have Food When/Where You Need It

Don’t have food readily available when you don’t need It. If you don’t need the food keep it away. This means don’t have it at your desk at work, in your car etc. Before a recent long trip (3 hours) with my sister she offered to bring snacks (chips- which are my favorite) in the car. I just had a good dinner so I knew I didn’t need the food. So I told her “it’s better if you don’t bring it- I’ll eat it all” (and I would have).

So do you control your food or does it control you?

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