The Best Diet: Eat What You Love

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Man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts [TM]Some diets say they’re the best but one I’m about to suggest really is and quickly you’ll agree. How do I know it’s the best? Simple, you choose the best foods- you’re favorites- and eat it. Try to do it in moderation, add your favorite fruits and vegetables and you’re all set.

Only Eat What You Love

We all know what’s healthy and what isn’t as healthy. The key is don’t eat anything that’s not healthy unless you really like it. Why waste the calories. This means don’t eat a mediocre steak- wait till you can get your favorite steak- add some of your favorite vegetables to complete the meal. This means if someone offers you good chocolate- don’t take it because it will prevent you from having your absolute favorite later in the day.

Add Fruits and Vegetables

At your meals and snacks add your favorite healthy fruits and vegetables. This will ensure that you get your nutrients and don’t over indulge on the main course. One key to this is preparation- make sure you have the sides dishes available. For those who are picky with fruits and vegetables- keep experimenting to find what you like. I don’t like leaves (e.g. the green vegtables that just look and taste like leaves) but tomatoes are good. I love pineapple, grapes and watermelon.


While you’re at it drink lots of water. Sometimes people think they’re hungry but they’re really thirsty.

Keep Improving

Keep looking for ways to minimize the unnecessary foods. Try to keep eating a little less each week.

This isn’t a revolutionary plan and you won’t shrink overnight- but it’s a way of life you can sustain:

Note: I’m not a dietitian- I just know what worked for me with minimal effort.

photo credit: heipei

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