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3 Steps to a Promotion

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So you want a promotion? There’s only one thing that you need to do to get your boss on you side- figure out what he wants. Give it to him. Make Sure he knows it. Then ask.

1. Give Your Boss What He Wants

A boss can want many things, but you need to think of the big picture. Let me start you off: he wants you to do your job well without bothering him. He wants you to do it so well that you and he get complimented. Most of all he wants you to solve problems- even those not recognized yet.

So you think you’re doing the above?

2. Get noticed

Forward some positive feedback emails to your boss (as you get them). Keep a folder with all your feedback so good things are on your mind should you need to bring it up. Act like you’re in customer service (even if you aren’t). Make sure your “client” is satisfied.

3. Make Your Move

Sometimes all you need to do is ask. Approach your boss and ask for a promotion. Set a time line and deliverable. Make sure your both in agreement on next steps. Now go get it!

If you dont think it’s moving well it may be time to look elsewhere…

What are your tips for a promotion?
Creative Commons License photo credit: tanakawho