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The Machine To Stop Poverty

As we sit comfortably just killing some time reading it’s unfathomable to think that there are some people who are hungry- they just don’t have food to eat. I’m not here to lecture anyone or to start a movement, the Blog Action Day site is taking some good steps for that. I’ll talk about what I know- machine building- and how to use it to stop poverty or at least make it a little better.

  • Eat less- this will lower demand (and scarcity and prices)
  • Don’t let food spoil- it takes money out of your wallet.
  • Take less on your plate- you dont want to throw out leftovers.
  • Consider those less fortunate- invite friends over who have reached hard times. Your small gesture can help.
  • Give away your old clothes- Is your old clothes to small? Too Big? Give it to those less fortunate so they have less expenses to worry about. Many organizations will come to your house to pick up those clothes.

Globally the solution is simple- ship off our leftovers and stop using food inefficiently (e.g. powering cars) but most of all give people the tools to take care of themselves growing their own food efficiently etc. In other words let them build their own food making machine.