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People Remember Moments

Doesn’t is seem like a fact that although you’re good all the time, the one time you make a mistake people remember that. It’s true. Memories are short, people take what they can remember.

Sports have many such examples: Think of Billy Buckner. A good career went bad with one ball that went through his legs. Scott Norwood missed one (missed Super Bowl) kick.

Now look at your life. Look at your coworkers, friends think about them. You may remember 1 good (or bad ) item right away and that’s your opinion of them.

There are two lessons to take out of this: 1) dont just picture people for one moment. Someone may be living on past glory. 2) Make your quality known when things are going routinely smooth. Create a moment by using a stat (e.g. you made no errors this year), highlighting some changes you’ve made to ensure the system is working effectively or simply forwarding praise you received from someone else to your boss.

Now go make a moment!