The Rule of Thumb for Success

A basic pillar of the Success Making Machine is if you enjoy doing something you’re more likely to succeed. There are two simple rules that can change your life, make you more productive and much happier too.

1) Do more of what you like

2) Do less of what you don’t like

Simple right?

Do more of what you like

What do you like to do? Think about ways you can get paid to do it. Think about how you incorporate it into your current job or time with your family. Find more friends that enjoy the same things you do. Think about changing your job.

Do less of what you don’t like

Determine which tasks you don’t like and work hard to think of ways to avoid those tasks. Sometimes you can barter away tasks you don’t like or other times you can eliminate them completely. Perhaps some of the tasks you don’t like aren’t needed. Maybe you can outsource or delegate tasks you don’t like.

Let’s see it in action: Do you like doing research? Make a deal with your partner that you’ll do the research and he’ll do the bulk of the writing. Do you abhor cleaning but don’t mind putting in an extra hour at work- work an extra hour and take the extra pay to hire someone to clean your house.

Think creatively and you’ll find that you can incorporate more things into your life that you do like and eliminate what you don’t like. Then you will guarantee success.

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