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Social Media and Wasting Time

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Twitter PackI’m very careful to avoid new time sinks- activities that will end up wasting my time. Sometimes they seemed like fun at first and then turned into obligations(fantasy baseball), other times it seems interesting and turn into time consuming distractions(new TV shows). You get the idea. There’s just too many opportunities to waste time on a large scale. Now I’m faced with a new dilema: in today’s world it’s hard not to go five minutes without hearing about social media (facebook, twitter, delicious), is it a new time waster or a useful tool?

I wish I knew the answer. Steve Pavlina, who I respect as a personal development guru, just took the plunge, so I figured I would experiment too. Organize IT put together a productivity twitter list. With much hesitation I’ve joined twitter: http://twitter.com/heshys. I previously signed up with Facebook too.

What do you get out of social media? Is it worth it?

photo credit: carrotcreative