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Raise Your Employees, Empower Your Kids

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Real JoyWe work hard- day and night. At home, we raise our kids to be the best they can be. We nurture them and help them grow. We hold their hands and never let them get hurt. At work, we empower our employees. We give them independence and greater responsibility. We step back and let them succeed.

The downside to this one way pursuit is that there’s a good chance that your kids wont become independent (e.g. they need your constant supervision) and your employees won’t grow (e.g. they don’t learn). Now take a step back and think about switching those roles: Raise your employees and empower your kids. Sometimes employees need direction, training and hand holding and your kids need the independence to get further.

I’m not suggesting that you totally switch roles between kids and employees. I’m suggesting that you inject some of the techniques of one when dealing with the other.

Stay tuned for articles that will address how to raise your employees and empower your kids.

photo credit: Todd Baker << technowannabe