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Spread The Word- Machines Rule the Successful World

Recently this blog was featured on Lifehack’s article Readers Recommend: 15 More Productivity Blogs You Probably Never Heard Of. Although it was nice to be recognized, next time I would rather it be for “15 Best Productivity Blogs You’ve Probably Heard Of”.

Usually when you read a website you passively take in the lessons and hopefully some of it sticks. Today we will not just sit back and read about how building a machine can help you, we will experience it in action. I’ve written about how Skellie used her machine to launch a new blog to 1000 subscribers. Today I want to take my humble but awesome machine of  subscribers (you can get the blog delivered to you) and repeat site visitors and use it to succeed. If you like this site please spread the word. Tell your friends (you want them to succeed), your family (because you love them) and to your coworkers (they help you succeed).

Success Making Machine– A life management system that takes you beyond productivity and tricks to build a machine to help you succeed.

Never Work a Day in Your Life, Have Your Day Work For You.

Remember the site slogan, “Never Work a Day in Your Life, Have Your Day Work For You.” You all are now part of my machine.

I will recognize the most innovative people– just let me know how you helped spread the word.

The additional lesson here is don’t be afraid to ask for favors. I’ll let you know how this experiment goes.