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Reading The Sign: Getting Paid To Improve

I was excited with my first post-college job working for a computer consulting company. The work was interesting and challenging and my hourly pay was 4 times what I was making in my college part time job.

One day, I was setting up time tracking software for a partner in a law firm, a distinguished gentleman with a cool accent. There was a cryptic sign that hung over his computer that said “CANI- Constant and Never Ending Improvement“, without any context.

After the installation I showed him how to use the software. As I demonstrated I turned on the timer and explained the basic functionality of the system. Finally after about 5 minutes of discussion i turned off the timer. The software showed us how much money he would earn for a similar transaction. When I saw the amount on the screen I was floored. That 5 minute conversation would earn him as much as I made in an hour- this is after my big increase.

Obviously this was a successful person. With constant improvement it’s no wonder he was making the big bucks. Maybe it’s time for me to paste the phrase on my computer:

CANI- Constant and Never Ending Improvement