How a Simple Story Answers All of Life’s Questions

The recent fable I told about David in Diamononia had some powerful lessons. It can help lead to the answers to life’s many questions. Here’s some more specific questions:

What’s better a gorgeous wedding or a gorgeous marriage? The New York Times has the answer.

What’s better keeping up with the latest styles or being comfortable in your own style?

What’s better being “well liked” or being your best? Willie Loman has the answer.

What’s better a teacher with many advanced degrees (e.g. papers) or a teacher who can teach? Malcolm Gladwell has the answer

Would you rather serve soup at a homeless shelter for free, or for $2 per hour? Scott Young has the answer.

Why didn’t that recent raise make you happier?  Simpleology has the answer.

The unifying answer to all of these is our view of money, materialism and externalizes. You can count on those to make you a success or you can count on your soul. I know which way I’d bet.

Next Actions:

  • Look at something you’ve been putting off because of money or other externalities and decide if you really need it.
  • Look at something you’re about to purchase and decide
  • Look at something you want to do but you think you can’t because you of an external factor and do it on your own (even in a small way).

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